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25-Jan-2009 09:51Z

Your solution to run PS1 on Windows XP

In case you want to run the Aerowinx 747-400 Precision Simulator on Windows XP, you need to convert the original software to the Win32 environment. This can be accomplished with the help of quite a few complex programs and assistant files, which until recently needed to be manually installed.

To help with this difficult and error-prone process, I wrapped up all relevant files into one single easy installation program.

What You Need To Do

  1. Install the original PS1.3 CD on your machine like it was meant to be installed. DO NOT run PS1, not even once. Two minutes.
  2. Install the 747IPC Auto-Installer on top. A minute.
  3. Enjoy.
The 747IPC Auto-Installer performs a few tasks for you:
  • It activates your existing PS1.3 installation to operate in graphics mode (it installs a known-good configuration file if there isn't one yet).
  • It upgrades your existing PS1.3 installation to PS1.3a EE4, which is the recommended release for all purposes at this time.
  • It applies Ivan's Daylight Saving patch to get rid of the annoying problems caused by Windows modifying file time stamps twice a year.
  • It installs 747IPC against your PS1.3 so that add-ons may get at it.
  • On native Win32 (2000 and XP), WinPS1 is used to virtualise the environment. On Windows '98, you just get 747IPC but even this goes easier than when installing it manually.
In most situations, you can just accept all proposals of the installer program and you end up with a running Precision Simulator on XP. On Win '98 you need to take care that you have the proper hardware, i.e., a genuine SoundBlaster 16 (not "SB compatible") and true-blue analog game port joysticks. The WinPS1 hardware virtualiser does not work on Win '98 so your hardware needs to do it all by itself.

You probably want to fetch the VMREAD Wizard auto-configurator to manage your 747IPC VMREAD.CFG file. Just fetch, install, and select what you want.


Please note that I am not the one who wrote 747IPC. I support this installer, but not the underlying programs and libraries. If something does not work, please refer to the 744 Forum for help!

This installer is explicitly meant for XP. I am sure it will also work on Windows 2000. It might work on Vista and Win7. It will also work on Win98 and maybe even ME. Any reports are welcome (you may use my personal issue forum as well).

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