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The ACARS Network is a Web API (and application) that enables people with an ACARS client to send each other messages via the ACARS protocol.

This message relay service is asynchronous (not in real time, i.e., both parties do not have to be online at the same time) and not via the VATSIM/IVAO network.

This opens up the possibility to use dedicated ACARS clients instead of the ATC/plane-oriented VATSIM/IVAO system. For virtual airline operations, this might get interesting.

What server URL do I need for ACARS?

If you want to point your ACARS software at the server, set it as:

Unless your software is really old, blanking the line (using the default URL) usually will work.

Despite the name of the URL, it is not a HTML file that you will get back, so there is little point in using a web browser to look at it. For more information, look at the protocol docs.

Loose Remarks

The message queue is maintained for 24 hours. Within that period of time, planes and ground stations can drop by and fetch the messages that are intended for them. Once fetched (relayed), the messages just sit here for log purposes. You do not need to connect to the VATSIM/IVAO network, but obviously need to have Internet access for ACARS to work.

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