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The 747 Broker for PS1.3 is the "telephone exchange" for all programs that tap into PS1, either to read flight and control data or to influence PS1's environment.

The Broker program must be run on the same machine as PS1.3, but the rest of the communications take place over TCP/IP and therefore are cross-machine if you wish so.

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More PS1 add-on programs

This is a very old list that I really need to review and move
  • A small additional program to remotely tune and run RogerWilco is the RogerWilco Daemon.
  • Tom Whang wrote the SimWX program. It provides PS1 with continuously updated weather that follows the plane over the Earth. SimWX is fed with real weather data from the Internet and can also be used with SB747 and the Scenery Injector of John.
  • Ivan Ngeow's 747IPC for PS1.3 is a sidekick for the Broker. The equivalent for PS1.3a by Ivan Ngeow plays exactly the same role. Both use "unofficial" techniques to access PS1 data sources that are unavailable through "official" means. By running this small program alongside the Broker, you can increase the data refresh frequency from 1 Hz to a theoretical maximum of 18.2 Hz (PS1's internal clock rate). 747IPC also offers a regulated way of injecting key strokes into PS1 via the Broker, opening up the remote controlling of the whole program.
  • John Cavanagh's Scenery Injector. This program links up PS1.3 to the Microsoft scenery generator. You need two PCs for it, but the result is worth it!
  • Alternatively, try Urs von Aesch's Visual744, which does the same, but in a different way. I don't know which of these programs (SI and V744) is the best for you.
  • A GPS (NMEA) output converter, that sends NMEA codes to the serial port of the PC. This output can be treated as if it came from a GPS unit, so you can feed it into any Moving Map program available for GPS units.
  • John Howe's Moving Map. A bit like the AirShow system aboard airliners.
  • George Mason University's research projects in the area of human factors research, using PS1 as the plane simulator.
Next to these, Ivan Ngeow's Taxiway program is an indispensible help while taxiing over complex airports. The most recent version also requires the Broker and SquawkBox if you want to display online traffic.

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