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09-10-2007 Possible bug fix in disconnect code as spotted by Pierre. V1.7.1.

07-10-2007 Even better network handline, plus a traditional Windows installer, point and click, no config required at all. V1.7.

06-10-2007 More robust Proxy broker that should be resistant against network breakdowns. It won't detect these immediately, but in about a minute, and in the mean time nothing should break. V1.6.2.

28-10-2006 If PS1 was close to failing and started spitting out garbage data, it could happen that some display routines in the View From PS1 pane could crash as well. This is now solved.

18-Dec-2005 Feature addition in 1.6: it listens to requests to switch PS1 updating on/off, and correctly reacts to 'notify all'. I still need to update the documentation.

20-Nov-2005 Bug fix in Proxy enable switch. Under some circumstances, the program would abort with a type conflict when leaving the Setup dialog. Release 1.5.1.

10-Nov-2005 Bug fix and feature addition: better re-registration of notifications when Master Broker went down, and configurable port number to listen on.

07-Nov-2005 Release of the Proxying Broker, version 1.4. Useful if you want to follow somebody else's system. Replace your existing Broker with this one without fear, if you don't switch the Proxy on, nothing will change except for some better error handling.

10-Sep-2005 And another two years went by without fixes. Today I added proxying functions to the Broker, so that it can sit in between the wild internet and a real, Master Broker. Beta 1 released.

13-Nov-2003 Wow! Nearly three years without needing a fix! And what fix? To help Urs' Visual744 to remain stable under heavy VMREAD.CFG config files. Urs is working on an improvement; until then, you must use the hack in the Broker's Setup menu. See the documentation page for more info.

30-Dec-2000 1.20: bug fix.

21-Nov-2000 Release 1.12 adds even more diagnostic output.

19-Nov-2000 Release 1.11 adds mainly some diagnostic output to help people spot the internal lagging problems. Since I totally expect Windows to be the culprit, the Broker now announces when it apparently missed some beats due to Windows not properly multitasking.

13-Aug-2000 A new release of the graphical library I use finally makes the "Browse" buttons work like they should. It will be in the next release of the Broker.

18-May-2000 Made the priority hack selectable in the Setup box. Release 1.10 now.

01-May-2000 Added Dusan's priority hack to the Broker, so that even a very busy PS1 cannot steal CPU cycles from it.

25-Apr-2000 Removed bailout code so that the Broker will retry forever when a PS1 read/write operation fails. In such a case, the Broker now logs "Hic!" and retries a second later. Hiccuping can be stopped by disabling PS1 updating for a moment and searching for the cause.

21-Apr-2000 Once in a while I can be really shortsighted. PS1 obviously wants an absolute directory path, not a relative path, for external (Broker) audio files. Fixed now, release 1.03. Tested, too, since my sound card is back in working order.

16-Apr-2000 Repackaging of the Broker 1.02. The static.wav file was erroneously wrapped up inside the executable instead of externally. For the Broker this makes no difference, but PS1 obviously can only get at the external file... oops!

26-Mar-2000 Update 1.02 adds some improved panic reactions. The program now does not block any more when an incomplete network message is received.

24-Mar-2000 Update 1.01 corrects a bug that surfaced only when a Broker was started without an etc/747brok.ini file present.

22-Mar-2000 Release 1.0 of the Broker. It should be rock-solid now... please report all anomalies to me so that I can iron out the last bugs before PS1.3 becomes mainstream.

18-Jan-2000 Recompiled the same release with the new compiler at home. No problems now. It just grew by 500 Kbyte...

18-Jan-2000 The latest release seems to have a bug somewhere in the From/To PS1 pane display. I don't know the reason yet but using an old version of the compiler might be the problem. Looking into this. In the mean time, just don't switch the view panes on.

09-Jan-2000 Second alpha release of the Broker. It now is in its final form, with all required functionality and perfectly suitable to support SquawkBox 747, SceneryInjector, and high-speed updates.

21-Dec-1999 First alpha release of the Broker to selected people. Let's see whether this program actually runs on other machines...

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