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02-Apr-2008 19:24Z

For a while, it has been possible to externalize PS1's CDU onto the independent MCDU. Several of these MCDUs can be active at the same time, and if you have more than one application (FMS, ACARS, Tug...), they can all be accessed on their own MCDU if you wish. However, if you want to access the same application (usually FMS) on more than one MCDU, these MCDUs will sync up. You cannot, for example, watch the PROG page on one MCDU and LEGS on another at the same time.

The Dual PS1 CDU project tries to remedy this situation, by offering a simplified display-only FMS mode which is independent from the actual PS1 CDU page on display.
The purpose is not to provide as much of a full FMS CDU as possible. The purpose is to provide as little as possible to be useful for the pilot flying. For the moment, I think of just PROG and LEGS, possibly extended with VNAV, and all for display only.


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