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02-Apr-2008 19:25Z

Inflight Entertainment for PS1

This totally useless toy might be interesting to people who don't like to just sit behind the cockpit panels without feeling the presence of a few hundred passengers behind their back, plus a whole crew of flight attendants to keep them quiet.

A significantly less useless variant of FlightCrew was hacked up by Rodney Redwin, and provides additional PS1 event sounds based on Broker events in a much faster polling loop. This variant lives its separate life, but got christened FlightCrew 2 because of strong family bonds.


Since September 2006 (V1.9), FlightCrew requires two 747IPC keys to work, hence you will need 747IPC for FlightCrew from now on. Add these two keys to your VMREAD.CFG file unless they are already there:

29B0 2 A_INT 1 GJR.BeaconSwitch
52BB 1 A_INT 1 JH.AnyDoorUnlocked
Unpack in a directory of your choice (retain the directory structure in the ZIP!), and run bin\flcrew.exe. First time, let it know where it can find the Broker. Switch the Cabin Crew on, and put the Ambience slider somewhere around 50%. Then select your favourite language. After that, no config required.


Board PS1 at a gate somewhere and take the Queen through the preflight procedures, then take her out and up to cruise, and bring her in to the gate again.

The flight crew makes their first appearance when all doors have been closed (trigger this in PS1 by selecting seatbelts ON and wait). Other cues are beacons on (pushback imminent), flaps out of up on the ground (taxi out), flaps up in the air (climb), climbing through 20,000 ft (cruise), descending through 28,000 ft (descent), flaps out of up in the air (approach), and flaps up on the ground (taxi in). All these cues won't trigger immediately, but they will within thirty seconds. Also, there is no internal state in the program, so you can start in each flight phase you want. The flight crew will pick up at the first cue.

While you are on the ground, you'll hear other planes coming by once in a while. The chance that you hear a plane every thirty seconds is selectable with the slider in the Setup box.

Rain and thunder effects may be played if you switch them on and use an external program (such as SimWX) to control PS1 weather. There will not be any sound effect if there is no external program doing weather.

Being "on the ground" is determined by checking the ground speed. If this is slower than 30 knots, FlightCrew assumes you are on the ground.

Creating New Languages

In case you are interested to create new languages for FlightCrew, this is really simple. All you need is a working microphone and a working Windows Sound Recorder.

First sit down and write a proper script for your language. You can cover all available events or only a few, that is up to you. Use the recorder to create a bunch of WAV files, 11 kHz sample rate is enough, stereo usually is not required at all. The smaller the file, the better. You can decide the naming scheme of your files yourself.

Then create a new directory in the \wav\ branch of FlightCrew, again the name is not important but "language/region (enbr)" seems logical. Drop all the WAV files in this directory (and include the script for reference).

Last thing to do is to create a text file mappings.txt in your new directory that contains on the first line the menu entry you want to see in FlightCrew, and on the subsequent lines first the event name (no spaces), followed by a space, and your WAV file name. An example is:

English, UK
doorsclosed ukbrief1.wav
pushback ukbrief2.wav
taxiout ukbrief3.wav
cruise ukbrief4.wav
approach ukbrief5.wav
taxiin ukbrief6.wav

That's it! Now (re)start FlightCrew and your language should pop up in the Language menu.

I would be happy to receive your language pack (all files in the new directory) by E-mail if you have created one, so that I can put it up the Web site for download by others.

By the way, you can also collect new ambience sounds. Just drop them in the \wav\ambience directory and FlightCrew will pick them up automatically.


For those who want to further develop FlightCrew, the sources in Tcl/Tk are included. You are free to do whatever you want with this program, except selling it. I would appreciate an update when you do something significant. No problem to use my Web site for future distributions either.

You might miss the small-wish.uses file; this seems not to be part of the current TclPro distribution any longer. ProWrap might complain about missing this file and tell you the directory where it should be put.


If your sound card cannot play more than one sound at a time, don't run FlightCrew on the same machine as PS1. Otherwise you won't hear anything, since PS1 has already grabbed the sound card.


Thanks in particular to Dave March for his original program, S-COMBO, which provided most of the sound files that FlightCrew uses. To the writer of the Snack sound tool kit, Kåre Sjölander. And also thanks to the people actually improving my work, such as Christian Hofmann, who located and swatted a very nasty bug in the ambience sound routines that I had been overlooking for days.

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