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Download latest release of the program: gfbridge-2.2-install.exe

Last updated on 03-Jun-2011 13:59Z
File size 1.6Mb

This file contains the GoFlight hardware to PS1 Bridge.

Download latest release of the source code: here

You only need the (Tcl/Tk) source code if you want to look into the innards of the program, or change/add some features. Feel free to inquire with the author for more information. Unpack the source code in the same directory as the binary release, they are designed to co-exist peacefully and share the same libraries and config files.

Download latest release of the DLL source code: gftclsrc.zip

Last updated on 02-Apr-2008 19:31Z
File size 115.3Kb

Even less likely, you need the C sources for the gftcl.dll which sits in between the USB drivers and the Tcl language. However they might serve as a nice example on how to interface Tcl to things like Windows USB hardware.

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