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09-Feb-2010 07:47Z

PSX Router Main Documentation Index

The PSX Router documentation is (going to be) quite extensive, so I present a hopefully clear structure.


PSX Network Architecture explains how PSX networks generally are constructed. Everybody who wants to network PSX, both users and developers, should know about this.


Connecting to PSX shows how to create a connection from your add-on program to a PSX Server or a Router. People with just one PSX copy do not need to know anything of this.

The PSX Lexicon (in progress) is a guide to the use of the Lexicon, aka the network variable list.

PSX Router Operation tells you how to deploy the Router for network testing and debugging new applications (add-ons).


PSX Network Protocol is a detailed explanation of the bits and bytes that make up the wire protocol. Only developers of add-on software need to know this.

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