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09-Feb-2010 07:47Z

Project Progress

It may seem spectacular but for five years nothing changed in the Router and it still works. It will see improvements "shortly" but it remains as useful as it was.

More documentation about the PSX Network Protocol and a start on the Lexicon. This will get updated RSN.

I've started on a multipage tutorial on how to use the PSX Router, and at the same time, on how to use PSX. For as long as PSX is not publicly available yet, this Router will serve as the reference implementation for PSX networking.

The documentation is Not There, but an early Alpha release of the PSX Router is now available for the fearless & brave. I will try to add a tutorial as soon as possible.

The PSX Router web site is opened for public access. There is not much yet, as I finalise the Router program for the public release. A preliminary PSX Network Architecture section is available (menu left margin). I will keep you updated on the Router software progress. My intention is to first finish the software and then start on the documentation, the classical and proven approach to software engineering.

Over a year before Aerowinx PSX is planned to become available, I started work on the PSX Router so that add-on developers including hardware vendors will be able to start investigating PSX support.

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