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09-Feb-2010 07:47Z

Router Operation

The Router needs zero attention during operation, as long as all PSX clients and exactly one server are present in the system. However, during add-on (program) development, you may want to use the Router to assist in network testing and debugging. This chapter is for you.

Nearly all interaction with the Router at testing and debugging level is done via the command line interface. This is the "Cmd" line at the bottom of the Router window, in combination with the white log window. You type things here, press Enter or Return, and the Router will do what you ask it.

Example Command using the PSX Emulator

The simplest example is to just send something to PSX. However, without PSX, this is difficult. So the Router contains a very small conceptual demo of PSX in the form of the PSX Emulator. You find this under the Alpha << Emulator menu. It consists of a simplification of the four Fuel Control Switches. However it is wired up exactly like PSX is, so if you can get these switches to work, you have nailed down the fundamentals.

Open the PSX Emulator, and select Fuel Control Switch 1 to "Run". This shows you a response in the Router Log Window:
To all: Qh396=1.
The Router response can be divided into four fields: the target (all), the variable category (Qh), the variable identifier (396), and the variable value (1). This same pattern holds for nearly all PSX Router variable display lines.

There is a bug in a previous release of 0.4. Just download the one of February 9, 2010 and it will work as advertised.


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