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SquawkBox 747 for PS1

SB747 is the PS1 client for some large-scale online air traffic control networks. It technically works on all networks which use (a variant of) the FSD or SB/PC protocol. However, not all networks have formally approved SB747 for use on their servers.

Also required is the free 747 Broker, the "telephone exchange" for all PS1 add-ons. On the Broker page you will find a lot of other programs, too, that are very helpful with ATC operations.

Important Notification for all SquawkBox747 users

2005-10-09 SB747 development fully halted.
I finally threw in the towel. After five months of finding no time to work on SB747 due to other commitments, I sat down again to implement the IVAO weather, and I noticed that I hated doing it. I did it because it "had to be done". Why?! It was supposed to be hobby! So I nearly immediately closed the editor and decided to quit.

SB747 has reached the end of its life. Nearly the whole online flying world and 99% of the sim world in general uses MSFS and there is no sign that anything will change here. MSFS is well-supported by all online networks, and PS1 has an excellent option to drive MSFS in turn. So just get the standard MSFS online flying kit of your favourite network, hook up PS1 via VisualPS1, and you are ready for departure.

SB747's ACARS code won't be maintained either. The ACARS options for MSFS exceed those of SB747 by an order of magnitude. Just go with the flow.

Truly interested programmers with a proven track record in code may apply to get a copy of the SB747 sources (platform-independent Tcl/Tk). There are some sensitive parts in the code, reason why any code transfer needs to be approved by VATSIM and/or IVAO. This may prove extremely difficult. You need to be able to invest a lot of time in SB747 in order to keep it up to date with both networks, so beware.

ATcl Robot

Next to the network connection, SquawkBox for Aerowinx Precision Simulator contains a standalone ATC robot that is completely separate from PS1's ATC. PS1.3 improved ATC quite a lot, so I am currently writing a new, programmable ATC Robot to replace the static (random) Robot that is in the last release of SB747.

Selected Links

If you want to run SB747 together with any other network client, such as ProController or any of the scenery generators with SquawkBox, you would need to log into the network twice. This is not recommended. The PCproxy program by Kees Leune sits in between your client programs and the network server and plays the role of a connection multiplexer.

A Japanese Web page about PS1 and SB747, with screen shots and other helpful hints.

Philippe Amé has done more or less the same, but in a more graphical fashion and more up to date.

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