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Currently approved versions on VATSIM: all.
Currently approved versions on IVAO: all. more info

Download latest release of the documentation: sb747.pdf

Last updated on 02-Apr-2008 19:32Z
File size 786Kb

The documentation needs updating, but you really will get very far with the current release. Differences are minor. In case you don't get as far as you should, bug me!

Download latest release of the program: sb199k.zip

Last updated on 02-Apr-2008 19:32Z
File size 1.5Mb

This file contains SquawkBox for Aerowinx Precision Simulator meant for use with PS1.3 and the Broker.

Extra actions for full feature set (only for people running 747IPC): add the following keys to your vmread.cfg file.

2E14 8 A_PASSTR 1 JH.LastWptStr
2750 2 A_INT 1 JH.LastWptATA
274E 2 A_INT 1 JH.LastWptAlt
2752 2 A_INT 1 JH.LastWptFuel
3068 8 A_PASSTR 1 JH.CurrWptStr
37EC 2 A_INT 1 JH.CurrWptETA
3078 8 A_PASSTR 1 JH.NextWptStr
37E8  2 A_INT 1 JH.RouteETA
1480 8 A_PASSTR 1 JH.WindStr
If you want to hear the SELCAL chime, put this file in your PS1.3 audio directory, name it dingdong.wav.

Release Schema

With IVAO's explicit version authentication (their server network can determine which exact program tries to connect to it, and allow/disallow access based on an access list), I will make my release schema a bit tighter. There won't be a change in my release early, release often approach. It will be just a change in version numbering.

Like so many other projects, SB747 will from now on have a major version number (indicating very significant architectural changes which usually are mandatory), minor version number (for changes that should be worth the change for users, but are not required), and patch numbers for fixes that should not add new features, just fix problems. These numbers will be packed together in the familiar major.minor.patch triplet, such as 2.0.3. On the SB747 download page, I will always keep a list of currently approved versions for the various networks. Once in a while, a version will be intentionally blacklisted to weed it out. You can always get another version from the download page to fix the blacklisted one.

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