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Tue Nov 23 13:15:06 UTC 2010
Last weekend, the Brazilian TV programme Fantástico presented a very nice feature about WorldFlight in general and the Coventry crew in particular. Now with English subtitles, you can enjoy our four minutes of international fame:

Sat Nov 13 15:01:25 UTC 2010
After a week of catching up with the real world, the crew of Speedbird 744 now is busy sorting out the thousands of photos and hours of video shot during the event. I'm particularly proud of the following two videos posted on YouTube which show in great detail what amount of work it takes to land 250 tonnes of aircraft safely.

For more WorldFlight 2010 videos, please visit

Thu Nov 11 21:01:25 UTC 2010
One of the prettiest photos yet: we witness sunrise at FL370 on our way into Darwin. Cpt. Hoppie left, F/O Spock right. This sunrise marked our final day, as we went from Darwin via the Gold Coast down to Sydney.

Jeroen and Jake welcome daylight at last

Mon Nov 8 14:53:23 UTC 2010
Back at home, I am still recovering from the sleep deprivation. Stay tuned to this blog for more videos and photos to come!

Sun Nov 7 10:31:55 UTC 2010
WorldFlight 2010 has arrived back in Sydney!

After the usual big sim gathering, formation flying, past-the-house, under-the-bridge, over-the-top, and touch-and-go (2x), we lined up with Sydney 34L and parked our trustworthy bird where we had picked her up nearly a week ago.

It has been our best WorldFlight yet, with no major malfunctions, no major operational screwups, excellent ATC cover, and great media coverage.

Most of our own footage and photos are still stacked onto SD cards and hard drives, and will be sorted out over the next days. We simply did not have the time to dump the machines and upload all media, also due to bandwidth restrictions (need to keep the sim running).

Thanks for all donations we've got -- it's money well spent.

The Coventry crew now drops into the usual black hole for a while. Getting the drone of the sim out of our ears taks days!

WorldFlight 2011 is just 358 days away ...

Not bad, 30 minutes delay on a 7-day schedule

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