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This Forum File Upload site is meant to support the Aerowinx Forum only. Due to suspicious activities here, I was forced to install a captcha check already. If required, I will install further countermeasures.

File to upload (max. 1 Mb)
Anti-abuse How much is 85 minus 4?
After you upload the file, you will see a confirmation page which tells you the URL of the file. You can then use this URL in the Aerowinx Forum.


Please try to use only GIF or PNG (for screen shots and line drawings) and JPEG (for photos) images. BMP and TIFF are usually very large and not all browsers support these formats.

Post only images of maximum 500 pixels wide. These will fit neatly on the Forum. If you have a picture that deserves more, or is bigger than 500Kb, consider uploading it twice. Once small and for inclusion in the Image URL field, as some kind of thumbnail. And once in full, via the clickable link on the Forum.

If your file size is not too large, you can also upload just the large image and use the following syntax on the Forum:

[img width=500][/img]

This will present the image 500 pixels wide, and one click will expand it to the full available size.

Note that not all file types can be displayed on the page. Word or Excel or ZIP files, for example, will never display. You must link to them via a mouse click instead. Just remove the [img] tags and it will become a normal link.

NEW Each uploaded file name will automatically be prefixed by a simple date and time code, such as 2020-05-25_17.45.30_. This is to avoid accidental overwrites of older files.

Files are not here for eternity. Expect them to disappear after about a year.

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