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09-Feb-2010 07:47Z

The PSX Router is a network component for the Aerowinx PSX simulator. It offers enhanced monitoring and robustness features.

Project Progress

It may seem spectacular but for five years nothing changed in the Router and it still works. It will see improvements "shortly" but it remains as useful as it was.

More documentation about the PSX Network Protocol and a start on the Lexicon. This will get updated RSN.

I've started on a multipage tutorial on how to use the PSX Router, and at the same time, on how to use PSX. For as long as PSX is not publicly available yet, this Router will serve as the reference implementation for PSX networking.

The documentation is Not There, but an early Alpha release of the PSX Router is now available for the fearless & brave. I will try to add a tutorial as soon as possible.

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General information

This page is still being written, so if you have questions, just ask on the Forum. There is stuff available in the left menu, continuously changing. And yes, the Router itself will be available RSN.

When Hardy Heinlin announced his project to produce version 10 ("X") of his well-known Aerowinx 747-400 Precision Simulator, it was immediately clear that this beast would drive several full-size flight decks. So we set out to design a networked architecture from the ground up, supporting cockpit builders and desktop simmers alike. The PSX Router is a crucial component in this architecture, as it provides for the central monitor and debugging hub and can be used to control network data flow. But for most people, it is just as with their normal network router: connect and forget. It just works.

The simulator before PSX (PS1) came into existence before networks had really conquered the computers of most simmers. Modems were still in very common use and high-speed internet to the home was just beginning to look feasible and affordable. Networking simulators was not done.

Driven by knowledge gained in a professional networking project around a common event and data broker, I created the PS1 Broker as a way to network PS1. It worked. It worked very well. It worked much better than anybody had ever thought it would. So we take the same concept one step further with the PSX Router, to make PSX stand out just as PS1 did in the nineties.

Road Map

No project without a road map.

PSX itself, the main simulator, is scheduled to be ready around Christmas 2011 at the earliest. But we do not want to have the whole world wait for so long with building great add-ons including hardware support. As PSX, in its current alpha state, can already do all of the networking, I could build a fully functional Router that is guaranteed to operate with the simulator.

As PSX progresses through alpha and later beta, I will keep the Router up to date with the master program, so all prospective add-on developers can be reasonably sure their work will correctly interface with PSX later.

The Router contains (or will contain) extra functions not available in PSX which facilitate development of add-ons, and very much so. My experience in over ten years of PS1 Broker and add-on development taught me what you need to do a networking job with a flight simulator and a full-size cockpit. So even without PSX, the Router will allow developers to produce great stuff ahead of time.

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