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dr. ir. Jeroen "Hoppie" Hoppenbrouwers is an avionics (Iridium and Inmarsat SATCOM) R&D and Systems engineer with a strong drive to make something work. Whether this ‘something’ is a machine, a human being, an organisation, or all combined is of less importance; as long as it works.

Having seen the complete spectrum from university research via commercial research, consultancy, engineering projects, software and hardware development, and industrial production, Jeroen feels comfortable in most places. However he tends towards the small companies where individual people still may grasp the whole operation, even if they are not daily involved with every aspect of it.

Jeroen works for Avionica LLC, a Miami-based avionics company that builds innovative electronic equipment for aircraft. Nearly all equipment is based on advanced micro-electronics such as FPGAs, combined with the Linux kernel to create powerful, small, and power-efficient units. Jeroen oversees the satLINK product family, a high-end Iridium voice and data communication solution for general aviation up to the largest airliners such as the Boeing 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, and even the 787 test fleet. And since 2021 also the A320 and A330.

Jeroen lives with his wife Cristina and their daughter Carolina in Miami, FL, where they manage to stay cool in the melting pot of various cultures and life styles that make this such a unique place in the world.

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