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After a server re-install, not everything you may expect is back. I consciously decided to drop some material.

Should you be in dire need of something, please mail me at the address below. If something does not work as expected but seems to be available, just broken, then please wait a bit so I can simply follow the error messages I get, and repair stuff.

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Popular Searches that Will Fail

  • Update Your ACARS means that your ACARS client still points at an outdated URL which usually can be changed. Please warn the developer of the client, or change it yourself. Details here.
  • Squawkbox 747 (SB747) was a hacky implementation of SquawkBox for the Aerowinx PS1 747-400 simulator. The program has been discontinued years ago due to increasingly difficult support and the replacement of PS1 by PSX. Due to VATSIM distribution restrictions, the source code was never available and won't be.
  • Squawk Gear was a hacky implementation of SquawkBox for FlightGear and suffered exactly the same fate as SB747.

Link to the zjoezjoe

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