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Hoppie maintains only the ACARS server.
Most other modules (airplane or controller) usually come from a third party.

Thirty years ago, I made a number of software modules (see the "For..." links in the left margin) that can be used to access ACARS. However, I stopped maintaining these a decade ago, and nowadays I only keep the central server running. With over 21,000 active accounts on the system, I still think I do something right.

You still have good, modern client software available from other providers. All of them are independent from Hoppie's ACARS, but they have programmed their software to my server API so everything nicely works together.

Below I maintain a list of known software that interfaces with Hoppie's ACARS, together with some details and where you can get it. Please note that I (Hoppie) am not familiar with these packages and cannot provide support for any of them. If you need assistance, please contact the author or support group of the software.

Client Software for Hoppie's ACARS

Software Author Description
ToLiss A319/A321/A340 ToLiss A319/A321/A340 for X-Plane 11 and 12
Fenix A320 Fenix Simulations A320 for MFS 2020
EasyCPDLC Joshua Seagrave Aircraft-independent VATSIM CPDLC client
BACARS Gary Oliver Extensive support suite for Aerowinx PSX
A320neo FlyByWire Sim a A320neo expansion of the MSFS default A320neo
Loadsheet2Hoppie Peter Rosendahl
Magknight 787 Magknight 787 for X-Plane
CPDLC/AOC Client Christoph Paulus For A320 cockpit builders who use the Jeehell A320 software package.
TOPCAT FlightSimSoft Unsupported but stil available take-off and landing performance calculator with ACARS integration
A320/737NG/737MAX ProSim Both general messaging (telex) and CPDLC
FSLabs A32x FSLabs/Lefteris Kalamaras A319/320/321 for Prepar3D
Fly the Maddog X Davide Marras MD-80 for MSFS and Prepar3D v4/5

To add to or update this software list, please just email me at the address below. There also is a Discord talk channel for developers, ask for an invite if you're interested.

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