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02-Apr-2008 18:54Z

If your setup is built around the Microsoft flight simulator, you probably want to include a link between some data from the simulator and the ACARS system. This enables many fields in ACARS reports to be automatically filled in, close to the actual behaviour of the system in the real world. However you do not absolutely need this link if you want to enjoy ACARS functionality.

There is a complete all-in-one installer for ACARS on the MSFS system, which may suit you better.

Project Progress

Work has started to include the network affiliation of the ACARS users into the system logic. For a while, multiple virtual airspace organisations have been using this ACARS system at the same time, which of course causes clashes for airport names if they are staffed on more than one network. Adding one network affiliation per user should go a long way in solving this.

If you want to discuss this technically, please join at this Forum: Aerowinx 744 Forum.

A repeat of an older message to get it back on top of the list:

If your ACARS claims "PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ACARS URL SEE WWW.HOPPIE.NL/ACARS", then your old ACARS client software still refers to a network connect URL with 'flightline' in the string. Please replace this by the correct URL:

Since most of the ACARS client software in use today is not written by me, I will usually not be able to help you with the URL update. Please consult your software supplier for the instructions.

see all previous progress messages


You need to fetch Just unzip and put the contents in for example c:\wfacars. There is only one executable. Run it. Configure it with the Broker address, 'localhost' if on the same box. Close it. Run it again. It should find your MSFS if it is running and relay some basic data to the Broker. Done! This program may be minimised. Next time, just start it.

ReadMe.txt from the ZIP package for reference

ReadMe.txt for WFAcars.exe v 1.3

WFAcars is a small utility that enables FS2004 pilots to access the WorldFlight virtual company ACARS system. Other components are required in addition to WFAcars. They are included in the package with WFAcars together with instructions for installing and using them.

You do NOT need any of this software to join in Worldflight legs. Normal VATSIM procedures can be used to make position reports and receive weather reports. The ACARS system partly automates position reporting and provides written reports.

From version 1.3 WFAcars is compatible with changes in other software used in WorldFlight 2007.

From version 1.2 WFAcars provides support for Movimap, a map display utility. The aircraft heading is also sent as its track which is read by Movimap and is used to orient the aircraft icon on the map display.

WFAcars.exe is designed for Microsoft Windows XP and FS2004. It may run on other Windows versions.

WFAcars requires the Microsoft .NET framework version 1.1 to be installed on the PC running it. This can be downloaded.

WFAcars requires FSUIPC version 3.x to run on FS2004. FSUIPC need not be registered if the version is 3.71 or later.

(WFAcars might run on FSX with FSUIPC version 4.x. Registration is not required.)

It may be run on the FS2004 PC or another PC by using WideFS.

Place WFAcars.exe in any directory and run it. Enter the port and IP address of the Broker software then click the Save button. WFAcars will then close.

When you next run WFAcars it will indicate that it has connected to the Broker and to FSUIPC. No further interaction is required so WFAcars can be set to minimise itself on each startup. The user interface for accessing the Worldflight ACARS system is another piece of software included in the package and called Acars.exe.

Garry Richards
December 2006

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