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Register Hoppie's ACARS logon code

Please enter some details to receive an ACARS logon code per E-mail. Note that there is no relationship between this ACARS logon code and any virtual ATC network account you may have. There are no links between systems.

If you submit exactly the same name and E-mail address again later, and the logon code is still valid, you will get the same logon code mailed to you again. Should it have expired, you will get a brand-new one free of charge. :-)

A big thanks to the person who abuses this system to bother others with unwanted messages. You are great and your goals in life must be wonderful.

Your full name example: John Smith
E-mail address example: john@smith.net
Anti abuse riddle What is man's best friend?
(three letters -- Google it)

Please consider to buy me a coffee (or two) so that I can recover some of the costs I make in keeping this service running. I know it's hobby and such but it's still appreciated a lot.

You will get immediate e-mail

All the spam protection out there is increasingly making problems. It occasionally rejects the simple code e-mails this system sends out, or drops them in your spam box. And of course people do make simple spelling errors in their e-mail addresses. The system mails immediately after you register, and usually the mail arrives in seconds. If not, look in your spam box. If it is not there, get something to drink and wait ten more minutes.

If nothing arrives after ten minutes, just try again and make sure you really type the address correctly. It will not hurt to do it more than once. If you do not get an e-mail within one hour and cannot change to another e-mail address, please just e-mail me personally with the code request and I will manually register you. However this may take a while.

This problem is particularly hard to solve with the German @web.de and @gmx.de e-mail providers, which insist that the DNS PTR of the E-mail sender must match the domain, but then wrongly check this and miss that many mail domains are hosted by big tech companies such as Google. I truly cannot fix this. So just e-mail me personally at the address below if you don't get automatic registration mail. Sometimes I see the problem happening and will manually intervene and forward the auto-mail, but this may take a while.

Some e-mail providers that hand out throwaway e-mail addresses are regularly used to create spam accounts. With slowly but surely increasing spam on the ACARS system, some of these e-mail providers have now been blocked. You need to use another provider to register. Currently blocked providers: @tozya.com, @vusra.com.

Changing your VACC Network from VATSIM

The ACARS system has been operating for about twenty (!) years without significant issues, but since about 2020 the traffic has increased and today, more than one virtual ATC network uses this same ACARS system.

Unlike in the real world, which has one shared airspace and therefore also one ACARS system (well, no, but for our purpose yes), problems appear when two controllers from two competing virtual airspace networks want to staff the same position such as an airport.

Therefore you can now select your network affiliation. If that is VATSIM, you do not need to do anything. If you want another network, please visit the account management page and change it.

You will only appear to, and will only receive messages from, callsigns that are in the same network as yourself. So an IVAO controller of EGLL will not step on a VATSIM controller of EGLL, and a VATSIM flight KLM123 will not be the same airplane as a KLM123 that flies on the "independent" network named None.

Non-network items, such as airport METARs, work regardless of your network selection, as they are sourced from independent web sites.

Logon Code Expiration

When a logon code has not been used for more than 120 days, it automatically expires from the database and disappears without a trace, as if you never had a logon code and never used Hoppie's ACARS system. If you later want to use ACARS again, just register a new code, using this page.

Once in a while I get a request to "remove all my personal data from your system". I will do this, but in most cases it has already been done automatically just by not using Hoppie's ACARS for a few months. All messages you sent or received are deleted after 24 hours in the queue and your account is deleted after 120 days not using it.

Privacy Statement

Your personal details (the name and the e-mail address you gave, and all messages you sent in the last 24 hours) are stored in an automated information processing system to create the ACARS experience and to reduce the level of anonymity on the virtual ACARS system. Only in case of abuse or disturbance of the virtual ACARS system, your details will be used to identify the account from which the abuse/disturbance took place. I will usually first try to contact you; in severe cases I will also disable the account.

Under no circumstances within my control will your details be disclosed to anybody or any organisation, unless you explicitly allow me to do so, which can only happen if we explicitly have been in direct contact.

Be aware that the ACARS system is not a closed messaging system. Basically everybody can see what you send. This message log expires after 24 hours, however the internet never forgets. Never use ACARS for any message that needs to be kept private. Which is, coincidentally, exactly the same for the real-world ACARS system.

© 2024 Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers For more information, mail to hoppie@hoppie.nl