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Designation EHAM obj01
Name Schiphol Approach Radar
Position N52°18.287 E004°48.988
Google MapsN52°18.287 E004°48.988
Frequency N/A
Operational range Likely about 50 nm
Type Radar
Geography Unlike beacons, this radar tower is actually plotted on most maps of the area. Drive to Het Amsterdamse Bos, a large artificially landscaped area just East of Schiphol Airport. You enter the area at the Western entrance from the Bosrandweg. Straight ahead at the first roundabout inside the park, right at the second one. When crossing the small bridge, you will see the tower at your left. At your right you see the official parking lot called Radarterrein. You can take the first road left and drive straight up to the fence, 15 meters from the tower. While there, note that Het Amsterdamse Bos is five meters below sea level, just as the whole of Schiphol Airport.
Remarks This radar is the primary source for Schiphol Approach Radar. It maps the wide area around the airport about every five seconds. The radar tower does not contain the actual Schiphol Approach control facility; that is located in another building, not far away, at Schiphol airport itself. If you leave the radar tower back to the Ringvaart, you can see this ATC building, clearly marked by the huge amount of anntennas on the roof.

Photo 1 The radar consists of a tall brick tower with a steel pinnacle on top. [...]
Photo 2 The tower is completely surrounded by trees, lakes, lawns, and paths. [...]
Photo 3 View from the bridge. [...]
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