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Designation EHAM-OM18C
Position N5213.6' E00446.4' WGS84
Google MapsN5213.6' E00446.4' WGS84
Frequency 75 MHz
Type ILS Outer Marker
Geography The marker is placed in recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude, close to one of the club houses and parking lots of the Amsterdamse Golfclub. You can access it directly by car via the Bauduinlaan.
Procedures This beacon is used to mark a specific place on the ILS approach to runway 18C, so that the pilot can cross-check the altitude and can start a stop watch to time the distance to the decision point for a missed approach.
Remarks Per October 27, 2005, this outer marker has been decommissioned. Amsterdam Schiphol now does not have marker beacons any more, it's all ILS/DME.

Photo 1 The outer marker is of a simple construction. [...]
Photo 2 As with all beacons in the Netherlands, [...]
Photo 3 Two dipoles on a ground grid form a fan-like beam. [...]
Photo 4 The installation is directly next to the Bauduinlaan.
Photo 5 Both dipoles create a beam directly through the photographer. [...]
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