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Designation GUL
Name Gulpen
Position N50 48.4 E005 53.7 WGS84
Google MapsN50 48.4 E005 53.7 WGS84
Frequency 383.5 kHz
Operational range 15 nm
Type NDB
Geography On a hilltop directly next to the Gulperberg camping ground. The nearest caravan is less than twenty meters away and the swimming pool not much more. Observing this beacon transmitting radio waves is possible from close quarters while enjoying a drink on the terrace of the main camping building.
Remarks In Summer 2009, GUL got a brand-new transmitter made by Nautel (thanks to Berry van de Crommert for the info).

Photo 1 Wheat fields all over. [...]
Photo 2 Camping Gulperberg.
Photo 3 Only a few trees in between the beacon and the caravans.
Photo 4 The playground and swimming pool are very close.
Photo 5 Another view on the row of caravans. [...]
Photo 6 The beacon antenna is just left of the blue basket ball plate in the background. [...]
Photo 7 Overview of the town of Gulpen. [...]
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