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Designation HSD
Name Haamstede
Position N5143.4' E00351.5' WGS84
Google MapsN5143.4' E00351.5' WGS84
Frequency 114.15 MHz
Type VOR
Geography Out in the open fields, on a rural road called Klippewekken. If you approach it from the North, you can get by car to the low wooden fence surrounding it, a distance of less than 25 meters from the actual beacon. It is quite far from the actual town of Haamstede and near a small village called Looperskapelle.
Procedures Haamstede is a major fix in the HELEN and DENUT arrival procedures for Amsterdam Schiphol.
Remarks Together with MAS, HSD is of a different construction than most other VOR beacons in the Netherlands. It lacks the circle of sphere-shaped antennae (although there still are mounting brackets visible, so it might have had them previously) and most other VORs do not have the white cilinder which looks more like a TACAN.

Photo 1 Haamstede VOR in the fields, Looperskapelle in the background. [...]
Photo 2 Closeup of Haamstede VOR. [...]
Photo 3 The two intrepid beaconeers, Kees left, Jeroen right. [...]
Photo 4 Haamstede VOR from the sky. [...]
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