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Designation MAS
Name Maastricht
Position N50°58.3' E005°57.6' WGS84
Google MapsN50°58.3' E005°57.6' WGS84
Frequency 108.6 MHz
Geography Beautifully on a hilltop in the middle of grain and potato fields, North of Brunssum in Limburg, near the German border. The dirt road leading up to the beacon officially is closed for through traffic.
Remarks MAS shares its construction only with HSD, but adds a DME antenna.
The climb path of Geilenkirchen AB across the border lies just South of MAS. Planes doing right-hand circuits from Geilenkirchen circle the beacon site.

Photo 1 Full close-up. [...]
Photo 2 MAS in its direct environment. [...]
Photo 3 More grain fields. [...]
Photo 4 Scenic view, Germany in the background. [...]
Photo 5 Yet more overview.
Photo 6 Close-up of the beacon health monitoring antenna. [...]
Photo 7 A neat little front garden. [...]
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