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Designation NW
Position N51°01.2' E005°52.7' WGS84
Google MapsN51°01.2' E005°52.7' WGS84
Frequency 373 kHz
Type NDB
Geography November Whiskey is positioned North-East of Sittard in the Dutch province of Limburg. It is literally located ten meters off the German border, just before the outskirts of Tüddern and next to what likely is the border ditch. A totally unsurveilled bridge nearby provides border crossing opportunities, although the access road is officially closed for motorised traffic.
Procedures NW is located directly under the approach path for EHBK runway 22, and is the initial approach fix of the ILS/NDB approach for this runway. From NW via ZL to the runway is a straight line of 7 nm.
Remarks Identifier NW was chosen because the beacon is located within the community of Nieuwstadt (but Sittard is closer). In Summer 2009, NW got a brand-new transmitter made by Nautel (thanks to Berry van de Crommert for the info).

Photo 1 The beacon in full overview. [...]
Photo 2 Different angle view. [...]
Photo 3 Beaconeers beaming over their prey.
Photo 4 Another closeup, showing huge storage facilities in the background. [...]
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