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Designation ONT
Name Kleine Brogel
Position N5112.8' E00533.5' WGS84
Google MapsN5112.8' E00533.5' WGS84
Frequency 431 kHz
Operational range 15 nm (?)
Type NDB
Geography Next to the main road from Hamont to Bocholt in the middle-North of the country of Belgium. The beacon is very close to the border with the Netherlands, a few kilometers South-West of Weert. If you drive from Hamont to Bocholt, a kilometre before Bocholt you will see a small pullout with a map of Bocholt on your right. If you pull over and park, the beacon is straight across the road.
Procedures Although we are not aware of specific procedures, the location and name of the beacon heavily suggest that it is a locator for the nearby air force base of Kleine Brogel, allegedly a tactical nuclear bomb base. It can also be used nicely for navigation to Kempen Airport just across the border, near Budel in the Netherlands.

Photo 1 Belgians build beacons quite differently than Dutch. [...]
Photo 2 They also put up heavier fences. [...]
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