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Designation PAM
Name Pampus
Position N52 20.1 E005 05.5
Google MapsN52 20.1 E005 05.5
Frequency 117.80 MHz (VOR), 1149+121 MHz (DME)
Operational range 80nm at FL500, extended to 120nm in the South-West sector and to 150nm in the North and North-West sectors
Geography Pampus VOR/DME is located near Muiden, and visible in the distance from the dike next to the Muiderslot. The beacon construction is in the middle of farmer's land, and there is no public road access. You can get to 400 meters of it by public road Dijkweg, although it is closed for cars. But on a rainy day with no bikers on the narrow road, you can try...
Procedures Pampus is one of the major airway fixes in the Netherlands and is also used for vectoring of planes to and from Amsterdam Schiphol. Its central location and clear ground signature makes it very useful for many IFR and VFR flights over the middle of the country.
Remarks Pampus shares its construction type with Spijkerboor SPY and Amsterdam AMS. The beacon is mainly made of wood and has a large ring of white, spheroid antennae for the VOR, plus a simple pole for the DME.
The little island of Pampus, after which the VOR is named, lies a few kilometers North of PAM in the IJsselmeer.

Photo 1 Pampus in a rainstorm. [...]
Photo 2 Pampus from the North-East. [...]
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