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Designation SPL
Name Schiphol
Position N52°19.9' E004°45.0'
Google MapsN52°19.9' E004°45.0'
Frequency 108.4 MHz (VOR), 982+1045 MHz (DME)
Operational range 60 nm at FL250
Geography Directly adjacent to the Tweeduizend El road, totally accessible. The threshold of 18C is nearby. You can get here if you drive from Schiphol to Hoofddorp.
Procedures Sierra Papa Lima is the most important VOR station for Schiphol Airport, as it is used in almost all arrival and departure procedures for both radial and distance information. This is the beacon where inbound aircraft are many times cleared to by ATC before they are put into the traffic pattern by means of radar vectors. In many DPs, this beacon is used to follow a certain outbound radial or for distance checking to comply with the designated departure route.
Remarks Unlike any other beacon, SPL is heavily fortified with three barriers: a ditch, a low wooden fence, and a very high metal fence. Also unlike any other beacon, the construction is totally made of steel, and a bit bigger than other beacons (we think).

Photo 1 The SPL defence lines. [...]
Photo 2 This thing is big. [...]
Photo 3 The ditch in between the road and the beacon. [...]
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