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Designation SPY
Name Spijkerboor
Position N52°32.4 E004°51.2 WGS84
Google MapsN52°32.4 E004°51.2 WGS84
Frequency 113.3 MHz (VOR), Ch. 80xh (DME)
Operational range 100nm at FL500, increased in the North-West sector to 150nm
Geography In the middle of the Beemster polder (therefore below sea level, -5 meters according to the GPS), not close to a road. From the Wormerweg you have a pretty good view though, about 318 meters distance.
Procedures Together with Pampus, Spijkerboor is a major fix in the airway system, both low and high altitude. The VOR/DME is also used extensively for radar vectoring planes to Amsterdam Schiphol runways 18C/R after they leave their initial approach fix.

Photo 1 Spijkerboor in the meadows. [...]
Photo 2 More Spijkerboor. [...]
Photo 3 Aerial overview of Spijkerboor VOR/DME. [...]
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