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Designation THN
Name Thorn
Position N51°11.0 E005°50.0 WGS84
Google MapsN51°11.0 E005°50.0 WGS84
Frequency 434 kHz
Operational range 15 nm
Type NDB
Geography In the middle of fields, on a dirt road that has easy access from one side (from the Santforterstraat 7) and nearly four-wheel-drive access from the other. The beacon is near the large PTT transmitter tower of Thorn, but definitely not related at all. You can also spot the beacon from the nearby A2 motorway.
Procedures Thorn is a fix in the low-level airway system, used frequently by planes approaching or departing Beek (Maastricht/Aachen Airport, EHBK).
Remarks Last news: in Spring 2009, THN was decommissioned (thanks to Berry van de Crommert for the info).
We know of only two beacons that occupy a triangular lot: Thorn and Teuge. We guessed that in the case of Thorn this might be due to a typical Frankisch habit of constructing triangular market places and the like, spinning off in many small lots that were triangular, too. For Teuge this is less likely since it is out of former Frankisch territory. However, all NDBs have three support lines and these three lines ask for a triangular lot in case you really want to use up the least space possible.

Photo 1 Thorn NDB in the fields. [...]
Photo 2 The wheat fields had just been harvested.
Photo 3 Proper white hut. [...]
Photo 4 Mysterious drain pipe. [...]
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