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This is not the easiest interface to use. It is recommended to get a real ACARS client that integrates with your aircraft or controller scope. Consider this web interface a DEVELOPMENT TOOL.

Function temporarily disabled because of abuse. Thanks!

Project Progress

New information request: "peatis" for Pilot Edge ATIS messages. New telex workaround: "HC001" to ask for a Pilot Edge ATIS if your ACARS client does not have the "inforeq peatis" implemented (yet). More info.

It remains remarkable that this hobby system, which I started around the year 2000 as part of the (long defunct) Squawkbox for PS1, now has led to a large number of real wide body aircraft to routinely cross the oceans under ICAO PBCS rules. No it is not the same software that runs on "my" Iridium SATCOM gear aboard these planes, but it surely is the same concept, the same thinking, and the same design principles. Sometimes, a hobby really teaches you how to do things properly.

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