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Designation EHAM 06/24
Name Schiphol Kaagbaan
Position N52°17.5 E004°45.1 (WGS84)
Google MapsN52°17.5 E004°45.1 (WGS84)
Frequency N/A
Type Runway
Geography The Kaagbaan gets its name because the approach to 06 leads straight over the village of Buitenkaag. To reach the magnificent official spotter's place for the 06/24, take the N201 road (Kruisweg) South of Schiphol, which roughly goes from Hoofddorp under the A4 in the direction of Aalsmeer. If traveling East, just after the A4 crossing (or exit), take the first road to the North (Aalsmeerderweg). You will enter the village of Rozenburg. Drive on until you see a large parking place on your left.
Procedures The 06 is the preferred landing runway of Amsterdam Schiphol, as it causes the least aircraft noise for builtup areas. You will see aircraft landing here up to 15 knots crosswind. When wind conditions are reversed, the 24 is the preferred takeoff runway with the same limits.
Remarks You will be amazed how many people gather on this spotter's place. Complete families settle with drinks, food, telescopes, cameras, scanning radios and so on. Near lunch time, there always appears at least one mobile friettent and at peak periods there are three (3!) of them, all with a queue. Every few minutes, a police patrol car drops by to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the spectacular sights. You can bring any kind of equipment to this site as long as it does not look like a missile launcher.

Photo 1 The regular friettent. [...]
Photo 2 A close-up of the map on the truck. [...]
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