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Designation EHEH-OM22
Position N51°31.6' E005°27.6' WGS84
Google MapsN51°31.6' E005°27.6' WGS84
Frequency 75 MHz
Type ILS Outer Marker
Geography Directly on a rural road then called Molenheide. By now, since the extension of the A50 motorway, the road is called Sonniuswijk.
Procedures This beacon was used to mark a specific place on the ILS approach to runway 22, so that the pilot could cross-check the altitude and could start a stop watch to time the distance to the decision point for a missed approach.
Remarks On November 27, 2003, this marker beacon was decommissioned since the ILS approach to Eindhoven runway 22 then was equipped with a DME transponder on the glideslope antenna.

Photo 1 All outer markers in the Netherlands are quite the same. [...]
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