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Designation EHN
Name Eindhoven
Position N51 28.1 E005 23.7 WGS84
Google MapsN51 28.1 E005 23.7 WGS84
Frequency 397 kHz
Operational range 15 nm
Type NDB
Geography At the perimeter of the old military compound Beatrixoord, North of Eindhoven Airport (EHEH). The old compound is now an 'asielzoekerscentrum' and therefore not accessible at all, but you can access the beacon site via the corn field from the East. However this is not easy since there are no public roads leading to either the field or the beacon.
Procedures Located directly on the runway centerline and less than 1 nm from the threshold, EHN is a natural locator that can be used for NDB approaches into EHEH.
Remarks In Summer 2009, EHN got a brand-new transmitter made by Nautel (thanks to Berry van de Crommert for the info).

Photo 1 Spy shot! [...]
Photo 2 Updated photo from 2015. [...]
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