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Designation PH
Position N51°33.8 E005°30.3 WGS84
Google MapsN51°33.8 E005°30.3 WGS84
Frequency 316 kHz
Operational range 15 nm
Type NDB
Geography Papa Hotel lives just off a rural road in the middle of meadows and agricultural land, East of Sint-Oedenrode, the Oude Lieshoutsedijk. It is only separated from the road by a row of trees and very easily accessible.
Procedures Associated to the approach of Eindhoven Airport runway 22.
Remarks Probably as one of the first of a whole list of beacons to be decommissioned, PH was officially withdrawn from service in september 2003. With the advent of GPS navigation and ILS/DME approaches, both locators and markers are not required any longer.

Photo 1 The corn field had been planted recently. [...]
Photo 2 Oude Lieshoutsedijk alright. [...]
Photo 3 Beautiful closeup of the resonance coil.
Photo 4 A sad, lonely electronics hut left without its antenna. [...]
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