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Designation RR
Position N52 00.3 E004 46.1 WGS84
Google MapsN52 00.3 E004 46.1 WGS84
Frequency 404.5 kHz
Operational range 15 nm
Type NDB
Geography In the backyard of a farm called Tempelhof, street address Steinsedijk 9 in Haastrecht. One of the few beacons that is not on publicly accessible terrain. Haastrecht is located in the Krimpenerwaard polder. However, the beacon is just outside the dike surrounding the actual polder.
Procedures RR plays a role in the arrival procedures for Rotterdam Airport EHRD, runway 24. The planes fly from the ROT beacon North-East to RR at 2000 ft, and after passing RR overhead turn left heading 270 to intercept the ILS 24.

Photo 1 There is a canal inbetween the road and the beacon. [...]
Photo 2 The beacon from the West. [...]
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