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Designation TGE
Name Teuge
Position N5214.2 E00600.2 WGS84
Google MapsN5214.2 E00600.2 WGS84
Frequency 391 kHz
Operational range 15 nm
Type NDB
Geography As so often, this beacon sits in the middle of rural fields, mostly crops, in the mid-East part of the country just outside Apeldoorn. However it is the only beacon where the crops have gotten into the actual beacon lot: somebody actively maintains a vegetable and flower garden in the rectangular area where usually only grass and gravel persist. You can drive straight up to the beacon on a normal road, it is directly next to it.
Procedures Teuge NDB is mainly used as an approach aid for the nearby Teuge airfield (EHTE); it is quite well aligned with the main runway.

Photo 1 The Teuge beacon is situated right next to the road. [...]
Photo 2 The corn apparently does not dare to cross the barbed wire. [...]
Photo 3 Flowers! Tomatoes! Lattuces! Pumpkins! This is somebody's private garden! [...]
Photo 4 Actually a nice environment to lazily radiate some waves. [...]
Photo 5 And this is what it works for: Teuge Airfield, a few km North-East. [...]
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