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Designation WP
Position N52°19.6 E005°02.0 WGS84
Google MapsN52°19.6 E005°02.0 WGS84
Frequency 376 kHz
Operational range 15 nm
Type NDB
Geography On a narrow road, the Papelaan, near Weesp in the middle of agricultural land. The road is so narrow that two cars cannot pass! You can spot the beacon from the A1 motorway, looking South at the 10.1 km marking point.
Procedures Wiskey Papa is a locator beacon, extensively used as aiming point for the final turn into the localiser beam for Schiphol 27. It is very close (about 2.5 nm) from the Pampus VOR/DME; together these beacons form a very nice couple for ATC vectoring.

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