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Designation ZL
Position N50°56.0' E005°47.6' WGS84
Google MapsN50°56.0' E005°47.6' WGS84
Frequency 339 kHz
Type NDB
Geography Zulu Lima sits in a forest area South of the town of Beek, 1 nm from the threshold of runway 22 of EHBK. It was the only beacon that until now managed to totally fool us by its excellent camouflage. We parked our car less than 30 meters from it, and did not spot it at all, because it is surrounded by large trees on all but one side. Only when we returned back to our car, sure to have a wrong map coordinate, we saw the antenna!
The building of the local scouting club Sint Martinus is next to the beacon site.
Procedures ZL functions as the main beacon for the NDB approach to EHBK runway 22. It is in line with the runway and also with NW, another NDB six miles further out.
Remarks As one of the few beacons, this one has a real wooden building to house the electronics.

Photo 1 Imagine our surprise to see this. [...]
Photo 2 Here it is then. [...]
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