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Designation GZR
Position N51 34.0 E004 56.0
Google MapsN51 34.0 E004 56.0
Frequency 116.40 MHz
Geography This TACAN is positioned almost in the center of Dutch air force base Gilze-Rijen, just West of Tilburg. You can see it from the specially designated plane spotters place on the East of the base, on the road from the village of Rijen to the A58 motorway.
Procedures TACANs are essential for nearly all military traffic navigation, including non-precision approaches.
Remarks Since the air base is closed to the public, access is limited.
This is actually the closest beacon to where the beaconeers live (Tilburg Reeshof, about 3 nm further North-East).

On the Royal Air Force Open Days of July 5-6, the air base was open to the public and the beacon could be approached to about 50 meters.

Photo 1 The TACAN is the small "water tower" in the distance. [...]
Photo 2 A 500 mm teleshot, subsequently enlarged under the scanner. [...]
Photo 3 From about a kilometer closer by [...]
Photo 4 Full close-up of the beacon. [...]
Photo 5 Gilze-Rijen Tower. [...]
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