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Designation RKN
Name Rekken
Position N52°08.0' E006°45.8' WGS84
Google MapsN52°08.0' E006°45.8' WGS84
Frequency 116.8 MHz
Geography Far out in a remote area of the country, South of Haaksbergen in between de Achterhoek and Twente. This is near Germany, in the middle of nowhere and then a bit further away. In fields, mostly meadows, without any real fencing. A dirt road leads from the main road directly to the beacon, crossing an open meadow.
Procedures RKN is a main transition fix for planes heading for Amsterdam Schiphol from over Germany. Together with EEL it funnels planes into the ARTIP initial approach fix over the Flevopolder.
Remarks It took us nearly three hours to reach this beacon from where we live. It definitely is the most distant beacon you can get to in a day. Eelde EEL is even further up North and will require hotel arrangements.

Photo 1 Rekken VOR/DME in the meadow. [...]
Photo 2 Rekken looks a lot like MAS: [...]
Photo 3 First encounter with the DCF77 time signal receiver antenna. [...]
Photo 4 The Rekken VOR/DME was never designed to be a Doppler VOR, [...]
Photo 5 The metal pole is the DME transponder antenna. [...]
Photo 6 A switch! A switch! [...]
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